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“Deb is a strong writer and reliable freelancer. Equally important, she's fun to work with! She asks great questions and adapts well to new types of projects and ways of working. She's also great about seeking input when it's needed and adjusts well to feedback.” 


Associate Creative Director, Fortune 100 financial services company

“It’s pretty hard to exceed my expectations, but you just did it.”


Justin Spring, Co-founder, Adept Marketing 

“Deb is a gifted writer. She has an exceptional ability to take loads of information in, process it, and then articulate a new narrative that conveys meaning and connects emotionally. I’ve seen her writer’s notebook and she’s always thinking, always connect the dots. And, she’s a joy to work with. We’re proud to say she has been a partner to Mollard Consulting on client projects and on writing for our own business.” 


Kerri Mollard, Founder and CEO, Mollard Consulting

"Our team enjoys partnering with Deb on projects. She is quick to get immersed and provides a strategic lens to the work."


Kaylyn Bredon, Vice President, Creative & UX at Mindstream Interactive

“What makes Deb a great writer is her ability to think strategically about a brand's voice. She's able to identify and build this key part of brand identity that most businesses don't even think about. So, essentially, any business that works with her will have a natural advantage in the market.”

Stacy McPhillips, former Marketing Director, Sbarro

Deb takes great pride in delivering compelling—and unique—stories in a voice that is a perfect fit for your audience. She was able to do away with all of the technical jargon in our messaging and instead, create easy-to-understand copy that resonates with our audience. And, did I mention that she nailed that project on her first draft?”


Tricia Manning, Senior Project Marketing Manager, Epicor Software

“Deb puts her heart and soul into her writing.  She makes sure she understands your goals and who you are trying to reach, and then she works her magic! 


Sarah Underhill, Executive Director, Wellbeing Connection 

“Deb is a dream to work with.  She listens (like, really listens!) so that she understands your vision and objectives and then puts her amazing skills to work.” 


Sharon Fancher, Board Secretary, Wellbeing Connection

​“Deb and I work as partners on so many projects together. We really make each other better by challenging each others’ ideas”


Jen Capparelli, frequent partner and independent creative at JayCey Ltd.

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